What is the difference between Audible, Inaudible and Ultrasonic sound?

Difference between audible, Inaudible and Ultrasonic sound is as follows :

Audible Sound :

‘Audible sound’ is that sound which can be easily heard by human beings. The frequency of audible sound ranges from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. Sound in the middle of this range of frequency can be easily heard (audible) by humans, hence it is called audible sound.

Inaudible sound :

‘Inaudible sound’ is sound that has a frequency of less than 20 Hz. Sound with a frequency of less than 20 Hz cannot be heard clearly by humans. Only small animals or animals with special hearing ability like bats can hear it.

Ultrasonic sound :

‘Ultrasonic sound’ is that sound which has a frequency greater than 20 kHz. The frequency of sound above 20 kHz cannot be easily heard by humans. Because the human ear is not capable of hearing such high frequency sounds. If a human tries to listen to this frequency, it will have a bad effect on his ears. The sound produced by bomb blasts, nuclear explosions etc. is the sound of frequency more than 20 kHz.


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