Write the benefits of Galvanization and give four examples of it in daily life.

‘Galvanization’ refers to the metalworking process in which a layer of zinc is plated over steel or iron. This process of coating is known as ‘galvanization.’

This process of galvanization is done to protect the metal from corrosion i.e. rusting. Galvanization is a non-electrochemical process. This process has been used since ancient times and has been used for thousands of years to protect metals from corrosion. Under this process, iron is coated with a thin layer of an anti-corrosion metal such as zinc or tin to protect it from corrosion. Among the anti-corrosion metals, the names zinc and tin are prominent.

The four benefits and uses of galvanization are as follows…

Durability: Coating on the metal by galvanization gives the metal more durability and it remains more durable.
Cleanliness: By galvanizing, the surface of the metal remains neat and clean, so that it can be used more conveniently.
Long life: Galvanization makes the metal maintenance-free and can be used for a long time. The duration of its use becomes longer.
Economically beneficial: Galvanization is a cheap process compared to many other types of coatings, making it economically beneficial.

4 examples of Galvanization:

  • By galvanizing the body of the car is protected from rust.
  • This Galvanization is done on vehicles like cycles or motorcycles to protect them from corrosion.
  • Iron bridges are protected from corrosion by galvanizing them.
  • Rail tracks are protected from corrosion by galvanizing them.

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