Why entrepreneurship skills should be made mandatory life skills at school level?

It is necessary to make entrepreneurship skills a mandatory life skill at the school level because, through entrepreneurship skills, students acquire knowledge related to entrepreneurship and innovation.

Thus, entrepreneurial skills help them to become comfortable with entrepreneurship. By studying entrepreneurial skills, students learn to create creativity in the competitive world.

The study of entrepreneurial skills enhances their analytical and logical skills, which enables them to solve a problem and take the right decision. All these qualities are very important for entrepreneurship.

Teaching entrepreneurial skills helps students identify problems and solutions related to new experiences and unexpected outcomes. By studying entrepreneurial skills, an entrepreneur is also prepared for the future, which is very important for the development of any country and society.

Entrepreneurship skill education is not only useful at the enterprise level but also in any service or job etc. That is why it is necessary to make the teaching of entrepreneurial skills mandatory at the school level.


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