The distinctive features of federal government are- A. The separation of powers is done by the constitution. B. There is a distribution of powers between the legislature, executive and judiciary. C. Tax sources are divided among different levels of government, through which economic freedom is ensured. D. ALL OF THE ABOVE

All the given options are special features of federal government,

So the correct option will be..

Understand how…

Among the special features of federal government, the most special features of any federal government are that in it the division of powers is done among different parts of the government by the constitution.

In a federal government, the executive, the legislature and the judiciary are the three major organs, among which the powers are divided. Because of this, there is no dominance of any organ.

In a federal government, tax resources are divided among different levels of government to ensure economic independence.

Various levels of government refers to central government and state government and local administration etc. That’s why federal government is the best system of governance in the world.


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