What is the right to freedom of expression​?

Right to freedom of expression is one of the 6 fundamental rights of India. It ensures the freedom of speech and expression to all citizens in the Constitution of India. The right to freedom of expression is mentioned in Article 19(1)A in the Constitution of India.

Under this right, all the citizens of India have full right to express their thoughts and opinions freely.

Expressing one’s thoughts and opinions freely does not mean only by speaking but also through writing, through a film, through a picture, through a banner, through a play or through a speech, any citizen of India can freely Can express his views.
Under this right, no citizen can be curbed to express his/her views freely.

The right to freedom of expression is of great importance in media institutions especially newspapers-magazines, TV channels, advertising world, theatre, films etc., because under this right they can freely express their views. This is necessary for any democracy.


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