Explain the types of classical dances of India and their place of origin.

There are a total of 8 types of classical dances prevalent in India, the names of these eight classical dances and their place of origin and development are as follows…

Origin: Tamil Nadu
Bharatanatyam originated from the Natyashastra of Bharat Muni and was developed in Tamil Nadu. It is the most prominent dance among all the classical dances of India. All other classical dances are born from this dance.

Origin : Kerala
Kathakali is the main classical dance of Kerala. This dance is a classical dance with coordination of acting, dance, and music. It is danced silently by acting through hand gestures and facial expressions.

Origin: Andhra Pradesh
Kuchipudi is the main classical dance of Andhra Pradesh. The main origin is a village named Kuchipudi in the Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh. In this, both men and women take part and perform like Rasleela.

Origin : Kerala
This is also the main classical dance of Kerala. It is a dance performed by a woman. The mythological narrative is presented through this dance.

Origin: Orissa
This Orissa is a major classical dance of Orissa. It originated from the Devadasi dance. Who used to dance in the Hindu temples of Odisha. Odissi dance tells about the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu, Shri Krishna.

Origin: Manipur
Manipuri is the classical dance form of Manipur, the northeastern state of India, where it originated and developed. In this dance mainly the love affairs of Radha and Krishna are danced on the basis.

Origin: Assam
Sattriya is a major classical dance form of Assam. This was a dance performed in Vaishnava monasteries. That is why he is called Sattriya. Only men used to participate in it but now it is also performed by women.

Origin: Uttar Pradesh
This dance is mainly a classical dance of North India especially Uttar Pradesh. Apart from Uttar Pradesh, it is also a classical dance of Rajasthan. Its origin and development took place in Uttar Pradesh. Three major Gharana of this classical dance are considered, Jaipur Gharana, Lucknow Gharana, and Varanasi Gharana. Through this dance, a story is presented in the form of a dance.

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