What is the importance of agriculture in an economy? explain.

Agriculture is very important in any economy. Especially the economy which is an agricultural country. Agriculture has the most important in the development of the economy of such a country. The economy of a country like India is based on agriculture. The agriculture sector contributes about 15% to the total GDP of India. The importance of agriculture becomes clear from the fact that more than half of India’s population is dependent on agriculture for employment.

The agriculture sector comes under the primary sector, but it also provides raw materials for the secondary sector industries. Due to this the secondary sector also flourishes.

In all such countries where agriculture is in progressive condition, the economy of those routes is also good. In countries where agriculture is not in progressive condition, the economy of those nations may be developed due to other reasons, but that economy cannot remain stable for long.

Food is produced through agriculture only. Food is very essential for humans. Everyone needs food. Countries where agriculture is not in progress, have to depend on other agricultural countries for their food needs. That’s why it is not possible for their economy to remain strong all the time. For this reason, agriculture plays an important role in the economy of a country.


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