How many types of simple machines are there? Explain in detail.

There are six types of simple machines, which are as follows…

  • Lever
  • Wheel
  • Pulley
  • Inclined Floor
  • Screw
  • Wedge


Lever: A lever is a type of machine that does the work of lifting a load. There are three points of a lever, the fulcrum, the effort and the load. There are also three types of levers. First class lever, second class lever and third class lever.

Wheel: It is a simple machine, which is a rotating machine, that is, it is a simple machine that rotates. The wheel has a horizontal or vertical shape and its edges are curved, by which it accelerates. The wheel is a very ancient machine and has existed for thousands of years as a simple machine.

Winch: Winch is a simple machine which is used to extract water from the well by bucket etc. There are two types of pulleys. Fixed pulley and Movable pulley.

Inclined Floor: It is a simple machine, which is used to move the object from a higher place to a lower place or to move an object from a lower place to a higher place.

Screw: Screw is a simple machine. It has curved cuts and the edge is curved. It is used to connect objects together.

Wedge: Wedge is a triangular piece of metal or wood, which is used to separate or lift objects. Commonly used tools are knives, knives, chisels, etc.


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