What is Ranching farming?

Ranching farming

Ranching farming refers to that farming, in which plowing of land, sowing of land or hoeing etc. is not done. Under this type of farming, crops are not produced.

Natural vegetation is grown in ranching farming, which naturally grows on its own. The vegetation grown in this farming is fed to different types of domesticated animals like sheep, goat, cow, buffalo etc. This type of farming is done in areas where animal husbandry is high, and fodder is required for large quantities of animals. The main purpose of this farming is to make pasture for animals, that is, enough vegetation available for vegetarian animals to eat, so ‘ranching farming’ is done.

Under this farming, the agriculture land is left to grow natural vegetation, which is used as fodder for animals. Apart from India, Australia, America, this type of farming is done in the mountainous and plateau regions of Tibet, and in other mountainous and plateau regions of the world.


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