How many soldiers were involved in the largest unit of Mongol Army?

The largest unit of the Mongol army consisted of about 10,000 soldiers. This large unit of the Mongol army was called ‘Tuman’.

The number of soldiers in this unit named ‘Tuman’ was around 10000. Soldiers from many clans and tribes of Mongols were included in these soldiers. This was the largest unit of the Mongol army. Below this were the smaller units of the Mongol army. These small army units were formed by Genghis Khan to give rights to different areas to his sons. These units were called ‘Noyan’.

Strict discipline was further emphasized in the Mongol army. and the discipline was so strict that soldiers could not even leave their group without the permission of their officer, and if they did, they were severely punished.

This unified army of Mongol army was developed by Genghis Khan around the thirteenth century.

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