Write a paragraph on the growing use of the internet.


The growing use of the internet

Everyone is aware of the importance of the internet in today’s time. Today it is not easy to imagine life without the internet. Today’s man has become so dependent on the Internet for his daily life activities that if the Internet stops working for a short time, all the work of the man stops.

Today every work is being done through the Internet. Whether it is online shopping, bank-related transactions, mutual transactions, or getting an education. Today everything can be done through the internet. The Internet has become a storehouse of knowledge and information.

The information of the whole world can be contained by taking a small mobile or tablet or laptop in hand, so the increasing use of the internet is not surprising. This is the revolution of the technological age.

The Internet has many advantages, and it also has some disadvantages. Therefore, taking advantage of the usefulness of the Internet, its side effects should be avoided.


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