Disarmament has become a need of the present-day world. why?

Disarmament has become the main need of today’s world because today the threat of war is hovering all around the world. Today many big and prominent countries are engaged in arms races. Many countries have become a nuclear power, due to which the danger of destruction keeps hovering in the world all the time.

Disarmament is an extremely necessary measure to establish peace in the world. If the countries have fewer weapons, then they will also avoid the aggression of war. The more weapons a country has, the more aggressive it will be for war. In the event of non-availability or reduction of weapons, its aggressiveness will decrease, due to which the dangers of war will reduce in the world and the world will be free from the danger of a third world war.

The earlier two world wars and many minor wars have already caused a lot of loss of life and property in the world. Now because the number of countries with nuclear power has increased, in such a situation the Third World War can become the cause of massive destruction for the world.

Therefore, disarmament has become a major need of today’s world so that peace can be established in the world and the countries of the world leave the aggression of war and move towards peace.


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