Discuss the factors for the growth of regionalism in India.

There have been many factors for the development of regionalism in India. Before knowing these factors, before that, we know about regionalism.

What is regionalism?

Regionalism is a concept that seeks to separate a particular region politically, culturally, economically and ideologically from other regions. Regionalism is an attempt to keep one’s region paramount over other regions.

Many factors are responsible for regionalism in India, in which the main factors are as follows…

Language: Language is the main reason for the development of regionalism. The formation of states on a linguistic basis started gaining momentum only after the independence of India. Many states were formed on the basis of language. Madras Presidency was divided into states like Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu on a linguistic basis only. Apart from this, the Bombay Presidency was divided into the states of Maharashtra and Gujarat on a linguistic basis only.

Ethnic identity: Groups of special castes living in any area try to establish their authority and hegemony over the area by calling themselves the original inhabitants of that area and on the basis of caste, they separate their area from the special area and other areas. Insist on.
Inequality of development: The rate of growth of all regions in India has not been the same. While some areas have been given a lot of importance, in some areas the rate of growth has been slow. For this reason, those regions which have gone through a slow pace of development, while demanding special rights for themselves, have been demanding special status for their region, which promotes regionalism.

Geographical Factors: An area has a special geographical condition. Regionalism is encouraged on this basis also.

Cultural identity: The special culture of an area becomes a matter of pride for the residents of the area, and they try to bring their area into a special realm by basing their specific culture on them. For this reason, also, regionalism has developed in India.

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