A report on the republic day celebration in your school.

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Date : 27 January 2023

Yesterday, 26th January 2023, the 26th of January Festival was celebrated in our school Hillview Public School, Shimla. All of us students had to reach the school at 7:00 in the morning. The program on 26 January started at 7:30. All the students came dressed in white clothes.

First of all, a parade of all students at the school were taken out. Then the prayer was organized. After that, the flag was hoisted by the Principal and the National Anthem was sung. After that, the laddoos were distributed.

From 8:30 some cultural programs were started, and different students gave speeches related to 26 January on the stage. Some students have read poems. Some students presented dance dramas by singing patriotic songs.

In the end, the principal gave an eloquent speech. By 11:00 the whole program was over and then the school was dismissed.

Overall, this event of 26th January was very good.

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