Write a conversation between you and your mother on the celebration of Diwali with meaningful exchanges​.

Dialogue Writing

Dialogue on Diwali meaningful exchange between mother and son

Son: Mother why do we celebrate Diwali?
Mother: Son, Diwali is a festival of happiness and lights. It is a symbol to remove the darkness of our life and illuminate our life with light.
Son: Ok mom. Then there should be happiness in everyone’s life on the festival of Diwali.
Mother: Son, festivals are the same for all. Happiness should come into everyone’s life on the festival of Diwali.
Son: Mother, why do we burn crackers on Diwali?
Mother: Son, we burn crackers on Diwali to express our happiness. But it is not right to burn too many crackers. For the sake of tradition and happiness, only a few light crackers should be lit. Bursting more crackers is harmful to the environment along with a waste of money.
Son: Mother, I will not burst crackers on Diwali.
Mother: Very good, son. But I will give you the money that will be spent on crackers. You buy the thing that you want.
Son: Mom, I want to buy some sweets and clothes with that money and give it to my fellow friends in the poor colony near us, who are very poor. I wish that there should be happiness in their house on Diwali.
Mother: Son, you said this very well. I am proud of you. You do the same I will also go with you. On Diwali, we all should try to bring happiness in everyone’s life, only then our Diwali is meaningful.
Son: Yes, mother.

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