Write a biographical sketch of someone who has inspired you. The person may be your teacher, a parent, a relative, or a public figure​.

           The inspiration of my life is my mother (Biographical sketch of mother)

My mother has been the inspiration of my life. My father passed away in my childhood. My mother brought up both siblings alone. When my father died that time, my mother was a housewife and had that simple education.

There were no other means of livelihood in our house. After the death of my father, the responsibility for both of us fell on my mother. In such a situation, my mother struggled all around without losing her courage.

Earlier, she used to give tuition at home to small children. At the same time, she focused on her incomplete studies. She graduated through a correspondence course.

After that, she gave the teacher’s exam and soon she got a job as a teacher in a government school. After that, there was stability in our lives. My mother gave every kind of comfort to both of us. and made every kind of arrangement for our good studies.

Today, both of us siblings are working in high positions in big companies. All the credit for this goes to my mother, who not only strengthened herself in all troubles but also improved the lives of both of us siblings.

My respect for my mother


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