Write a letter to the bookseller to order the books of your syllabus. (Formal letter)

Formal letter

Letter to bookseller to order books of syllabus


Date : 9 March 2023

M/s. Student Book Store,
2463/56, Ansari Road
Daryaganj, Delhi – 110002

Subject: Regarding order of syllabus books

My name is Amit Arora. I study in class 10th. I need some text books related to my class 10 syllabus. The list of text books is attached with the letter. Kindly send all the text books as per the list to my address given in the letter below. Please send all the books through India Post’s VPP service. I will the pay VPP amount on the spot. Kindly send the books as soon as possible. If any book is not available, inform me on my email given below so that I can arrange to get that book from some other place.
Thank you,

Enclosed : List of Text Books

Amit Arora,
D-46/8, New Civil line,
Meerut (U.P.)
Email – [email protected]

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